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Welcome to A Slice of Napoli

A Slice of Napoli proudly serves delicious food to the greater Winston Salem community.


This is hands down the best NY style pizza I have found in Winston Salem. I moved here from Eastern PA and NY style is pretty much all you'll find there, so I was quite happy to find this place and have a taste of home! The pie is thin, yet sturdy. Very few bubbles in the dough,...
We have tried plenty of different pizzerias in the area, but none to our liking. That is, until we found A Slice of Napoli. The staff is courteous and the pizza is very good. This is our new pizzeria!
Donna Byars
The restaurant is very clean and I have ate there and the food is very good. I would recommend eating there. I have ate there subs and fries there. And the owner is very nice.
Shonika Norman
My family and I always have to make a stop. Food is great, staff is great. And of course we love Daniel
David Beck
This place is so good! Can't get enough of their Stromboli. Pizza is also very good
Mike B.
We placed our first order from A Slice of Napoli this afternoon and are impressed! We decided to have the order delivered using Slice and the process was...